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Accurate Wheel Alignment

Are you having a hard time controlling your vehicle on the road? Maybe it’s drifting in one direction or bumping around turns. If this sounds like your recent driving experience, you might be dealing with poor alignment. This problem is about more than just poor handling, it means your vehicle isn’t driving as it was designed. It’s likely using more gas to get around town and putting extra strain on other components like the tires. That’s why you need to address the issue as soon as possible with professional wheel alignment service at Sunrise Collision Center in Houston, Texas. Our Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) Certified technicians are here to set things straight and keep your car — and life — moving smoothly! How do we do that? With comprehensive auto care designed with you in mind!

Complete Auto Care

At Sunrise Collision Center, we think that complete auto care encompasses you as well as your car! That’s why we offer conveniences like free shuttle service to keep you on top of your day and moving forward. Our friendly staff members are here to work with you and ensure that your vehicle’s service doesn’t disrupt your day. If trouble strikes suddenly and you aren’t sure whether your vehicle is safe to drive — don’t risk it. Call us at 281-933-7473 for immediate roadside assistance and towing to our shop. We gladly accept all makes and models. Once we have your vehicle, we discuss service plans to provide confident solutions and transparent pricing. Constant and clear communication is how we show our customers that we respect their time and investment. As your vehicle support team, we’re here to work for you and get your vehicle back into top shape!

Schedule Wheel Alignment Service

If you suspect that your vehicle is suffering from poor alignment, don’t hesitate to contact our shop for help. Call or use our online scheduling tool to reserve an appointment with our technicians. You can also stop by anytime during the week for same-day service.* Our shop is conveniently located at 4211 Cook Road on the other side of the Westpark Tollway from Mike Driscoll Park. Once you’re here, our technicians will use state-of-the-art technology to measure your vehicle’s alignment and check that the wheels are in proper positioning for optimal performance and efficiency. We only return your vehicle to you when we’re confident that it is ready to hit the road with optimal performance and handling! Sunrise Collision Center is here to help you when you need it most. Visit our shop in Houston, Texas today!

*Wait times vary based on the daily schedule.

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